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About Us

Nancy, Windy and Baby Breeze in South Texas Below the deck, Agility awaits Nancy, Rescue and Windy on the Boat at Camp Daffodils Growing in Nancy's Yard

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I am a retired nurse executive, have owned dogs for 40 years, and am active in the dog sports of obedience, field, agility, rally obedience, and dock diving. I have trained and continue to train with top instructors in the Capital (NY) district. My Tollers and I compete regularly in AKC and other dog sport venues. We train regularly for field work with a renowned trainer in Massachusetts.

I am certified by AKC as a Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and am the Secretary of the National Non Profit Charity Toller Rescue Inc. I regularly contribute to the Toller breed club journal “Quackers,” the Albany Obedience Club newsletter “Tailwagger,” the DockDogs Inc. magazine “Dock Dogs” and also authored a Toller dock-diving article in the February, 2008 issue of the “AKC Gazette.”

I volunteer with the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society, and am a member of the 1) Albany Obedience Club (AOC); 2) AOC’s therapy group “Canine Company”; 3) the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club(USA); 4) Black Creek Retriever Club; 5) Troy Kennel Club; 6) Hudson Valley Dock Dogs Club; and 7) Dock Dogs, Inc. As a Canine Company member, Windy and Breeze have made multiple therapy visits to nursing homes, schools, and day care centers.

Along with Nancy's Tollers being the wonderful companions they are, acting as therapy dogs at the local hospitals, and being active in performance events and conformation, Tamarac's Tollers are also Service Dogs for Nancy as well. Windy and Nancy's story appears in a newly published book entitled "Healing Companions" authored by Jane Miller. Nancy and Breeze have appeared on a local Albany television WTEN News segment called "Service Dogs Help Those With Psychiatric Illnesses, Too".

I have trained and assisted with AOC classes and instructed individuals and classes/camps in basic pet obedience, and canine freestyle. I volunteer with my dogs at numerous events, 4-H and other group activities, doing obedience demonstrations and providing educational programs. I also have experience training service dogs.

Nancy with newborn Shepard

I worked at the Animal Medical Center in NYC in 1970/71 as one of the evening shift "nurses." I have a photo I keep in my wallet of me holding a newborn German Shepherd pup, saved during an emergency C-section. On the off shifts when there were fewer staff, in emergencies sometimes it was "all hands on deck" and during that particular birth, even a housekeeper had to resuscitate a puppy. None were breathing, but mine was one that lived and it was one of the most touching moments of my life.


Breeze and her daughter Dallas are co-owned with Laura White, who is also Windy’s breeder. Owner of Cinnstar Retrievers, Laura is an esteemed member of the Toller community, committed to sound and ethical breeding practices and producing/training top-quality Tollers who excel in the field.

Laura has been a Professional Trainer in Field and Obedience since 2000, and has trained and mentored Nancy and her Tollers for many years. Nancy tries to spend part of her winters training with Laura at her Sulphur Springs Texas ranch and training facility, as well Laura tries each year to get to Nancy's Hoosick Haven training land to train.

Laura is a founding member of the NSDTRC (USA). She was the West Coast Regional Representative for years and was also the President of the club for one term. Laura was on the Standard Committee at the beginning of the standard revision, and also on the one that worked with the AKC to finalize the current AKC standard and present it to the NSDTRC membership for a vote. In the fall of 2005 a new standard committee was formed and Laura is again a member. The committee is working on clarifications. Laura was also a member of the Code of Ethics Committee, something about which we all feel very strongly about. Laura is also a very comitted Toller Rescue volunteer.

Wendy and Sharon with Nancy's Girls

Sharon And Wendy

Being disabled after running agility for a couple of short years, I had come to love the sport and wanted my Toller girls to continue participating. So with more than a little help from handlers and trainers Sharon and Wendy, they remain active in the wonderful agility world.

Sharon Buehler is a long time avid dog enthusiast, owning Brittany Spaniels accomplished in a variety of venues. She has achieved Utility Dog and Master Agility Championship titles with multiple dogs, and the Toller girls are so fortunate to have Sharon as their running partner and friend.

Wendy Cerilli is a noted agility competitor and trainer, owning and trialing with Australian Shepherds. She and husband David own High Goal Farm in a state of the art dog training facility High Goal Farm in Greenwich, NY. The girls are lucky to have Wendy so involved with their training and competitions.

Flight, Brazen and Breeze Rescue and Breeze share a toy Tamarac Tollers Home in the fall Windy and Breeze Play in the Water

Our Philosophy

At Tamarac Tollers, we strive for Tollers who are physically and mentally healthy, of great temperament and who excel in working ability in the field and other venues. As a breeder I strive to serve as the primary resource for buyers’ questions or concerns as they arise. I consider all Tamarac Tollers puppies and dogs to be part of my “community” and am always available for consultation or just to serve as a sounding board. If I am asked a question and am unsure of the answer, I will do everything within my power to find at least an appropriate source for any needed information.

As a breeder it is my responsibility, in collaboration with the buyer, to make the final decision regarding which puppy is best for the buyer. All factors are taken into consideration, including the applicant’s living circumstances and the puppy’s individual personality. Also, once “in the family” the dog must always be returned to me should for any reason the buyer decides not to keep the pup or dog. While hopefully such situations don’t occur, details about such possible events are included in the buyer’s contract.

My dogs live in my home with me, where puppies are also born and raised. Pups receive proper socialization, basic puppy and crate training, introduction to birds and water, and lots of love and attention. I am committed to the best possible welfare of the breed and individual dogs.

Flight and Mom Dallas The Girls: Rescue, Jingle, Breeze and Windy Breeze and friend at the WC Friend Bill and Tollers

Food and Feeding

The dogs at Tamarac Tollers are all fed a grain-free raw diet comprised of raw meat, raw meaty bones, unbleached raw green tripe, and a large proportion of prepared raw dog food. We feed raw because it is a natural and biologically appropriate diet with resulting benefits that include heightened vigor and stamina, overall better health, and remarkably good dentition (Tamarac Tollers have never needed teeth cleaning, and the oldest dog, at age 12, has teeth as white as a pup’s). The diet also results in dogs producing stools that are much firmer, smaller, less frequent and less stinky!

Breeze Eating a Pork Chop         Raw Food Freezer Contents

There are a number of myths and misunderstandings about feeding a raw diet. Tamarac Toller puppies are weaned onto a raw diet. While we know it may not be the diet of choice for all puppy buyers, it is believed that it is less stressful to change from raw to kibble. We do not want to subject young puppies to multiple and drastic dietary changes. At the time you get your puppy we will go over with you in detail the benefits and “how to” of feeding raw. There are a number of Websites on the subject, many of which contain erroneous information. Going to my "Favorite Links" Page you will find a whole section devoted to answering your raw questions. We also suggest the book “Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy for You and Your Dog” by Carina Beth Macdonald. This easy-to-read, concise book discusses how and why to feed raw. It can be found at many online resources such as Amazon.com, SitStay.com and Dogwise.com.

Tamarac Tollers Pond in the Fall Duck on the Pier Sunset over the Agility Yard Tamarac Tollers Home Deck in the Winter

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